One of the greatest challenges faced by global development is finding a way to provide for the well being of all. We each play important roles to assure our individual and collective safety and well-being. Each year millions of people suffer from preventable illnesses. Much of this suffering can be reduced with knowledge we already have.

David Parker

Communities of the world have united around many health problems over the last 50 years - we have eliminated smallpox, and sit on the verge of eliminating polio. And yet greater unity has been inadequate to surmount other public health problems, like hunger, various forms of malnutrition, child labor, and environmental degradation. Landmines continue to be produced in large numbers, and injure or kill thousands of innocent civilians each year. Children continue to labor under intolerable conditions.

Since 1992, I have pursued dual careers: working as an occupational physician and epidemiologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and photographing children working, labor conditions, and public health problems around the world. My work has been widely exhibited in museums throughout North America. I have written and photographed three books: Stolen Dreams: Portraits of Working Children (Lerner Publications, 1998), and By These Hands: Portraits from the Factory Floor, (Minnesota Historical Society, 2002). A third book, Before Their Time: The World of Child Labor, was published in early 2007.

I have also written almost 75 scientific manuscripts and reports, and am recipient of the Christopher Award for work affirming the highest values of the human spirit.

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