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assembly line, ford motor assembly worker 01, ford motor assembly worker 02, ford motor
assembly worker 03, ford motor assembly worker, lull international chili cook room, gfi
computer room, ispat inland steel end of work day, agrilink freezer worker, agrilink
ice cream room, schwans ingots with molten steel, smith foundry inside acme foundry
laborer, ispat inland steel laborer pouring steel, smith foundry laborer, smith foundry
lunch break, andersen windows lunch break, toro mechanic, ford motor
oil cans, ispat inland steel oldest worker, toro paint can, andersen windows
potlatch paper pouring steel, acme foundry pouring steel, smith foundry
rest break, ispat inland steel sinks, gfi sorting corn, agrilink
sugar silo, american crystal sugar taconite, ispat inland steel technical worker, smith foundry
us west strike welder, bendtec

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